Ismallia International Film Festival, Egypt (04.06.2014)
Saratov International Film Festival, Russia (13.09.2014)
Guth Gafa International Film Festival, Ireland (02.11.2014)
Banff Mountain International Film Festival, Canada (08.11.2014)
Festival International du film de Montagne, Autrans, France (04.12.2014)
Bilbao Mounatin Film Festival, Spain (11.12.2014)
Antropofest, Prague, Czech Republic (29.01.2015)
Dingle International Film Festival, Kerry, Ireland (12.03.2015)
Socially Relevant Film Festival, New York, US (16.03.2015)
Ethnofilm Festival,Rovinj, Croatia (25.04.2015)
Trento Film Festival, Italy (20.10.2015)
Olhares Mediterraneo, Lisbon, Portugal (05.06.2015)


The Mosaic Rooms, London, UK (14.08.2014)
Sinai Conference, Netherlands Institute in Cairo, Egypt (30.11.2014)
Nour Festival of the Arts, Leighton House Museum, London,UK (25.11.2014)
P 21 Gallery, London, UK, Screening and book launch (04.02.2015)
Frontline Club, London, UK (16.01.2015)
Dept of Visual Anthropology, Goldsmiths University,London, UK (05.02.2014)
Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland. Screening & Book Launch (07.07.2015)
German University in Cairo, Egypt (TBA)

2nd prize award winner - ‘Energy of the Truth’, Saratov International Documentary and Drama Film Festival, Russia.

1st prize award winner - Professional anthropogist/ethnologist, Ethnofilm Festival Rovinj, Croatia.

Photography Book

Publication (60 page) - forwarded by Maria Golia (Photography and Egypt, AUC, 2009), includes both landscape and portrait images and a series of pen and ink drawings.