Bryony Dunne is an Irish artist whose work engages Anthropology, Sociology, Ecology, and Visual Arts. Her various projects have sought to explore human’s relationship with the landscape, and the evolution of cultivation and settlements.

Working through installations, film and photography, Dunne explores concepts of intangible cultural heritage, myths and traditional practices.

She has participated in number of national and international group shows for her work. She holds a BA in Spatial Design and an MSc from University College Dublin in UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation. Recently she was an invited resident artist at the Townhouse Gallery, Cairo (2013).

She is based in Cairo and working on a new film In Search of Shisha in collaboration with Kordoba Pictures. She holds a position teaching Still Image at the German University in Cairo.


Production and Direction: Bryony Dunne
Editing: Julien Schmid and Tamer Ashry
Original Music Composition: Akram Al Sharif
Guitars: Akram Al Sharif and Ahmed El Sennary
Bass: Jack Avakian
Oud: Akram Al Sharif
Color Grading: David Maher
Text Editing: Derry Nairn and Isabelle Baigent
Graphics: Reem Atia
Translation: Salama Eid, Ahmad Ali Badawi (MCE), Mohamed Ragab
Subtitles: Ali Sheikh Khedr
Guide and Fixer: Salama Eid